An opportunity for companies

An opportunity for companies

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We select the best influencers for your marketing. Influencers are one of the hottest topics of the last period. Indispensable for a social marketing campaign as it should be, continue to grow and multiply in the most disparate business environments.

Cost probably one of the main resources for winning strategies on social media and must opt ​​for a collaboration or sponsorship as it should, rather than invest on classic ads, now practically outdated.

SpaceSharing selects them, controls their transparency and provides you with a platform to collaborate without limits, with precision. The SpaceSharing Suite is a powerful collaboration platform, many useful tools to plan your work and do not forget your commitments.

We have created a work platform to optimize communication with your influencers, which you can choose from a constantly updated list of ads. With SpaceSharing choose the right person to advertise your brand. We control the engagement, the origin of the followers, the transparent use of the profile.

Establishing a correct collaboration, setting tasks that will avoid failing the commitments made is one of the strong points of SpaceSharing. You will set goals and precise dates for your marketing. Every time a tasks is completed, a notification will be sent to you so you can follow the operation. There is also a powerful search engine, which will allow you to search for the precise characteristics that an influencer must have to represent your brand.

📌 Check the posts of your campaigns before they are published. In the workgroup, you can delete, approve, or request to edit posts for influencers before they are online.

Easy, isn’t it? When you select influencers, create a workgroup in the SpaceSharing Suite, organized down to the smallest detail. Together with the digital prows you will form a team for the entire period of collaboration and you will be able to monitor the progress of the work.

It is a proven fact that social media advertising, which uses influencer marketing strategies, offers greater engagement with brands than other types of digital strategies. Have you ever considered how effective it would be if you gave voice to influencers and allowed them to communicate your messages?

Their audience, their contacts and followers, trust them and pay attention to their opinions and recommendations.

The first advantage that must be emphasized with regard to work with influencers or micro influencers is the trust they convey to consumers through their social channels.

And they bring other added value that must be kept in mind. To begin with, since they already have a loyal community that is segmented by interest, they generate a greater number of interactions that translate into greater effort. In the case of micro-influencers, being normal people, their publications are perceived as authentic and honest, so their level of credibility is very high.

And we must not forget that for a smaller investment than you would do using other strategies, they have a greater reach and reach different audiences. To all this we must add that, unlike traditional online advertising, influencers are not vulnerable to ad blockers.

Your campaigns will not be lost in limbo and will always reach their audience.

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